StandardAutomation_logo-FinalThe Standard Automation Co. specializes in turn-key robotic and control solutions. The fulcrum of our success is our team coupled with a result-oriented culture – we say what we do and do what we say.

At Standard Automation we pride ourselves on professionalism and our commitment to cause.

The exciting world of automation is always presenting new and dynamic opportunities, we execute them through a standard and logical approach – the Standard Model.

The Standard Model

– The vision of the final product is a direct reflection of countless years of experience. The knowing of how to design, execute, and drive objectives is the center of our culture. We succeed – there is no other option.

– The team at the Standard Automation Co., has extensive experience in providing industry leading solutions. From project management, planning and execution, engineering or customer relations – they are all premised upon the same ideology – results.

– Data drives decisions, not emotions. Understanding the data drives logical solutions. A methodical and logic approach is required to achieve desired results in the highly-complex manufacturing realm.

– The process of properly sequencing activities to attain a common objective is done by knowing the data and process at hand. Countless years of experience have honed the Standard Automation Co.’s team for critical analysis and success.

What we do

Turn-key robotic automation

Painting and Sealing Applications
Atomization, Color Harmony, and Fluid Mechanics
Vision based handling Systems

Industrial Control & Data Management Systems

Industrial Control Solutions
High-level data management

Our Clients

The team at the Standard Automation Co., has successfully executed automation solutions in facilities worldwide. From Africa, through Europe, and both South and North America – Our Customer base includes all Major OEM automotive facilities and their Tier-I, II & III suppliers both domestic and transplants.

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Locations –

HQ – Standard Automation of Michigan, LLC
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South Office – Standard Automation of Tennessee, LLC
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